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Banoffee - 30ml
...indulgent dessert drip A tantalising vape blend of sweet banana and creamy caramel.   more info
Berry Crush - 30ml
A delicious vape mix of blackcurrant, raspberry and other tangy berry flavours. more info
Cafe au Lait - 30ml
continental cafe combination A sophisticated vape blend of rich coffee flavour with smooth milky undertones. more info
Refresher - 30ml
A citrus celebration of refreshment! A refreshing and revitalising concoction of bittersweet lemon, lightly tangy botanicals and fizzy sherbet. more info
Turkish Delight - 30ml
Our Turkish delight flavour concentrate is a tranquil vape mix of fragrant oriental rose and citrus flavours. more info
Zingo - 30ml
A mouthwatering vape of juicy lemon, lime and orange flavours. more info